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Kathleen Pearce ~Kat's Lists

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Hi and thankyou for visiting. I have a couple of pages here. This site is simply bits & pieces of minor detail about myself .  eh-heh 

~Don't forget to visit my photo pages with  whacky Kathy pics! ..and critters! ..the link to those are to the left of this page.

DAM!!!  I'm tellin ya!!! He looks JUST like Jon!!!! here....  My boyfriend.   A SPITTIN image!  Son of a!!!  That's pretty scary actually.  This pic.   It's like Jon's face pasted in Bode's suit.  Kath

Preview-- "Bode Miller DVD, Flying Downhill"--clik these words..if ur intrst.


Me! alone near bottom of Grand Canyon!

Clicking on these words takes you to my favorite athlete. BODE MILLER

I love to shoot..this is an AK 47