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Links & stuff I dig..

Serious news & info on Bird Flu. page (temp Page..or is it?)
Links & stuff I dig..
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Some links...clik on pic for some..others, just the words.  A good page if you're bored.  heh


The best aircraft sites!!!
clik on pik

I LOVE this movie!! clik on pik
Fear & Loathing

These words take you to my "You Tube" page, yu can watch my videos I make. ...some are silly


My sister's Blog site!!

I dig these bands & musicians:

  • Other good stuff:
  • The Motels
  • Psycedelic Furs
  • Modern English
  • Radiohead
  • E.L.O
  • Gordon Lightfoot
  • Jane's Addiction
  • Hilt
  • Electrik Hellfire Club
  • The Little River Band
  • The Hollies (newer Hollies)
  • Coil
  • Current 93
  • The Moody Blues
  • Ocean Blue
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Shadow Fax
  • Thrill Kill Kult
  • Death In June
  • Most 70s classics..& late 60s
  • many others I can't remember off the bat.  I'll just add them when I remember them.


Portland In-line skating (I love In-line skating)

The Thrill Kill Kult



Jon's site

A long time fave band..Skinny Puppy..these words clik to a big part of my life. Especially my early 20s and the friends I shared this band with and traveled to many Eastern states to see. ..and still will. Kat

A favorite band for me. since I was about 20

...Another cactus site. I love the things


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Kentucky Reptile Expo's site

Clik on cactussnake for cactus website

The Redneck Neigbor!! So freakin funny




The Cone Of Silence!
Remember the cone of silence? clik on pik

Anatomy of a snake..interesting

It would be good to just take care of yourself.  Maybe not wasting yourself on being too spiritual.   Dog-eat-dog world. Predator & prey.  What works out & what doesn't.  Pure luck, Something/someone may have formed us as an experimental breeding ground of many species (experiementa species)  giant to microscopic to sub-microscopic.  Humans as primary thinkers, creators & constructors like ants.  A workable, moving environment.  Emotions a part of us to co-exist & find our compatibilities.   Sexual tendancies: the main fuel line for reproducing.  ...happens when you allow it.  Multiplication when you use it.    Down Syndrome, Birth defects, Retardation, Dwarfism, Blindness/Deafness.
One's control over cravings is one's own choice not to come close to death.   Genes? we didn't turn out to be one same figure.  Differen't types but in groups of "styles".    A lot of people/ animals have a resemblence of others in a particular group...and personalities.    How can some things happen to us?.....because we're just a breeding project.   Perhaps that's why humans ran to the *book. ....another hopeful/mental human in differen't times in a small civilization wrote to comfort his inevitable existance & others, resulting in a million cults & denominations due to individulism.   
So then maybe we're being monitored & checked on & when nessassary, visited w/ the rare but occasional fowel-up & left evidence that the governing institutions & leaders snatch like spiders in their webs to keep any other humans from freaking out!...and trying to convert the "society" against governing laws/ways.    All the Mid-Easterners are messed up due to total confusion brought on by the "Books".   --Kathy Pearce   2003

Old News I've posted...

Kathy ~Chase~ update.....Late 2005...   clik clik clik clik  While they have found a gene in the bird flu virus to inject into egg embryos and suceeded in finding a vaccine to combat it.....well, you have to be able to GET to it to survive.   I dont' know yet if it will totally save your life yet.   I know that whoever is reading this MAY not  realize (or may) how potentially threatening it is.    I'm writing this because I own 3 great ladies as pets.  My hens.   Stella, Philpot and Chive.    (God rest Lilli'es soul) ...and last but not least....LEON, the rooster.   .....If for some reason I die because of my chickens...I do not, ----at this point---- regret ever having them and I'm not the only one dying out there. Everyone dies of something.  I dont' want my chickens to be tortured.  I want them put down quick and as painless as possible and burried were Lillie was buried.    ....Hey, ya know.....  I own them.    There's a possible pandemic.....       I'll hopefully come back AS a chicken.  Kidding

Hope you enjoyed visiting my sporatic & sometimes, aimless site.  I update it about 1x a month so visit again!